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Best Product to Boost Your Immune System

Source : Jeunesse Inc, Institute of Longevity Medicine, California, USA 7 Years Study on 198 popular products (1992 - 1999)

@ 30 times more effective than royal jelly, ginseng, sea cucumber, green tea. Wheat grass, gingko
@ 29 times more effective than noni and aloe vera
@ 19 times more effective than colostrum
@ 15 times more effective than cordyceps
@ 10 times more effective than echinacea and shiitake
@ 9 times more effective than spirullina
@ 6 times more effective than manggosteen

4Life Riovida

4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula (2 pack bottles)

  • Educates, enhances and balances the immune system
  • Mengajar,memperkayakan dan mengimbangi sistem imunisasi badan
  • Featuring Transfer Factor E-XF and NanoFactor, combined with the potent antioxidants of super fruits
  • Mengandungi Transfer Factor E-XF dan NanoFactor,digabungkan juga dengan antioksida dari 'superfruit'
  • Includes a potent fusion of antioxidant juices, including açaí, pomegranate, blueberry, and elderberry
  • Mengandungi sejenis gabungan antioksida jus , termasuklah acai,'pemegranate','blueberry','elderberry'.
  • Revs up energy reserves with a composition of essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace mineral and flavonoids
  • Memulihkan simpanan tenaga dengan satu komposisi asid lemak penting, amino asid , sisa mineral dan 'flavonoids'.


4Life TF Plus

  • Educates, enhances and balances the immune system with the exclusive Tri-Factor Formula
  • Mengajar,memperkayakan dan mengimbangi sistem immunisasi badan dengan Formula khusus Tri-Factor
  • Boosts NK cell activity a proven 437%
  • Terbukti meningkatkan aktiviti sel-sel pembunuh sebanyak 437%
  • Includes Cordyvant, a proprietary blend of ingredients such as maitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, cordyceps, and beta-glucan
  • Mengandungi Cordyvant , sejenis campuran seimbang yang mengandungi bahan-bahanseperti cendawan maitake , cendawan shiitake , cordyceps dan beta-glucan.
  • Good for under-reactive immune system &
  • Bagus untuk sistem immunisasi yang kurang aktif
  • Infections ( Bacteria, Virus, Fungi )
  • Jangkitan (Bakteria ,Virus , Fungi)
  • Cancer / Tumor
  • Kanser/Tumor
  • Diabetes Ulcer / Gangrene
  • Diabetis ulser , gangren
  • Hepatitis , HIV
  • Hepatitis , HIV
  • Endometriosis , Cyst
  • H.Pylori ( Stomach Ulcer )
  • Vericose Vein / Piles
  • Acne / Pimples
Price/Harga: RM232/50lps

4Life TF Advance

4Life Transfer Factor® Formula (Advance)(60 capsules)

  • Educates, enhances and balances the immune system with the exclusive Tri-Factor Formula
  • Mengajar,memperkayakan dan juga mengimbangi sistem imunisasi badan dengan formula khusus Tri-Factor.
  • Boosts NK cell activity a proven 283%
  • Terbukti meningkatkan aktiviti sel-sel pembunuh sebanyak 283%
  • Contains the highest amount of 4Life Transfer Factor and NanoFactor per capsule—300 milligrams
  • Mengandungi jumlah 4Life Transfer Factor dan NanoFactor per kapsul-300 Milligrams

Good For Over-Reactive Immune System and help to solve below problems:
Baik untuk sistem imunisasi badan yang terlalu aktif dan juga dapat membantu untuk masalah-masalah di bawah:
  • Asthma
  • Sinus
  • Allergic
  • Diabetes Type 1
  • Lupus ( SLE )
  • Gout
  • Eczema Thyroid
  • Migraine
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Leukimia
  • Arthritis
  • Blood Count Disorders
  • Nerve Problems
Price/Harga: RM 169/35lps

4Life BelleVie

  • Features Targeted Transfer Factor®, strengthening the body's natural immune response to promote healthy cell growth and function.
  • Mengandungi Transfer Faktor® yang khusus menguatkan respons imunisasi semula jadi badan untuk memastikan pembesaran dan fungsi sel-sel dalam keadaan baik.
  • Includes a blend of herbal antioxidants, phytoestrogens, indoles, and calcium d-Glucarate to assist the body's normal detoxification process
  • Mengandungi sejenis campuran herba antioksida,phyoestrogens,indoles,dan calcim d-Glucarate untuk membantu proses detoksifikasi didalam badan.
  • Promotes overall feminine reproductive health, including healthy antioxidant and inflammation levels Helps to prevent cancer, ceast, fibroid....
  • Mempengaruhi kesemua kesihatan sistem reproduktif wanita termasuk kadar antioksida yang sihat dan juga paras kebengkakkan. Membantu mengelakkan kanser , ceast, fibroid....

4Life Transfer Factor® Cardio

  • Features Targeted Transfer Factor which educates immune cells to support a healthy heart and proper cardiovascular function.
  • Mengandungi Transfer Factor yang khusus untuk mendidik sel-sel imunisasi untuk memastikan jantung kekal sehat dan juga fungi kardiovaskular yang lancar.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels, homocysteine levels, and inflammation levels
  • Membantu dalam memastikan tekanan darah, paras kolestrol , paras 'homocysteine' dan juga paras kebengakakan agar sentiasa sihat dan terkawal.
  • Contains a proprietary blend that includes coenzyme Q-10, ginkgo biloba, garlic, red rice yeast extract, and ginger oil Powerful Antioxidant
  • Mengandungi sejenis campuran sesuai termasuklah coenzim Q-10 ,ginkgo biloba,bawang,red rice yeast ekstrak dan juga antioksida yang kuat,minyak halia.

Reduces Blood Clotting
Mengurangkan pengumpalan darah
Increases HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol)
Meningkatkan HDL kolestrol ( kolestrol baik)


4Life Tea

Helps to do the following:
Membantu dalam masalah yang berikut:

  • Constipation
  • Sembelit
  • Indigestion and Metabolism
  • ketidakhadaman dan metabolisme
  • Weight Loss
  • Pengurangan berat
  • Reduce blood Cholesterol and Glucose
  • Mengurangkan darah kolestrol dan glukosa
  • Colon Cleansing
  • Pembersihan kolon
  • Antibacterial and Antioxidant
  • Anti-Bakteri dan Antioksida


4Life TF Glucoach and 4Life Targeted Vitamin & Mineral Complex

  • Lower plasma glucose in both type 1 and type 2 Diabetics.
  • Merendahkan plasma glukosa dalam jenis 1 dan jenis 2 diabetis
  • Increase Insulin Secretion
  • Meningkatkan jumlah perembesan insulin
  • Increase Insulin Sensitivity
  • Meningkatkan kepekaan insulin
  • Modifying the Absorption of sugar
  • Memodifikasikan penyerapan gula dalam darah
  • Altering the cellular movement of glucose
  • Mengubah pergerakan cellular glukosa
  • Very good for diabetes patients!!!!
  • Sangat bagus untuk penyakit diabetis!!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010


I had this swelling at my upper neck for quite some time, but did not took it seriously because it is not painful at all. Life continues as usuall, but about to take a 360 degrees turn. It all happen when I took my daughter to the hospital for treatment. While talking to the Dr. who was attending to my daughter, my wife mentioned about the lump and after looking and feeling it, he recommended that we meet up with another Dr. The consultation then continues with ultra sound later a surgery to remove the lump. A series of biopsy finally confirms; “Left Neck Node Biopsy done on 21/02/05 was reported as Infiltrating poorly differentiated Carcinoma. PNS endoscopy showed – Infiltrative growth involving (L) FOR, (L) Eustachian tube cushion roof. PNS biopsy on 2/3/05 was reported as bilateral chronic Nasopharyngitis. A repeat biopsy done on 3/3/05 was reported the same. MRI PNS showed 2x2.5x5 cm (L) PNS mass extending to (L) Parapharyngeal region and compressing left pterygoid facial plane. NPC- Nasapharygn Carcinoma.” My treatment was as follows: “Received a course of Radical Radiotherapy from 7/3 to 26/4/2005. The postnasal space was prescribed 70Gy/35F/7wks. The neck was irradiated to 60Gy/30F/6wks. The (L) neck was delivered additional 10Gy/5F. Received 3 cycles of con-current Cisplatinum chemotheraphy on 9/3 (200mg), 29/3 (200mg), and 20/4/05 (180mg). Received 4th cycle adjuvant chemotheraphy from 18/5 to 24/5/05. A combination of Cisplatinum (75mg/m2D1=140mg) and 5Fluorouracil (1g/m2 D1 to D5 = 6g). The 5th chemo continues on 18/05 and 6th chemo on 13/06/2005. Although I was introduced to TF prior to my treatment, I did not take the product until after my 2nd chemo. I was very weak and my condition worsen with the chemo. I was beginning to loose weight, my hair was thinning and my condition did not allow me to continue with the 3rd cycle. I was discharged from the hospital with the instruction from the Oncologist to eat as much as I could so that the 3rd cycle could be administered as planned. That was when I took 4 capsule of TF Plus 3 x daily. I felt very much better and was admitted for the 3rd cycle of chemotheraphy. I continued taking TF Plus and Riovida during the chemotheraphy and realized that I recover faster and was able to return to work thereafter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The easy guide about 4Life ENGLISH)

The easy guide about 4Life (MALAY)

New Enrollment Packages

4 TF Advanced +

Compass Kit = RM600 @105 lps

3TF Plus Advanced + Compass Kit =
RM615 @115 lps

Leader 4Life

This program is only available to new distributors at the time of enrollment

  • Purchase minimum 100 LP 4Life Products.
  • Membeli minima 100LP 4Life Produk
  • Purchase the Compass Kit.
  • Membeli Compass Kit
  • Auto ship minimum 100 LP

You will paid as Leader 4Life ( 3 levels 2%, 25% and 5% ) even though you have not personally enrolled 4 new distributors. You will continue to be paid As leader as long as you maintain your monthly auto ship order at least 100LP. If you drop your autoship, you will be relegated to the rank of an Associate and the only way to become leader again is to fulfill the requirements of a Leader – Personally enroll 4 distributors 100LP each.
Anda akan dibayar sebagai Leader 4Life (3 paras 2%,25% dan 5%) walaupun anda belum lagi secara peribadi mendaftar 4 orang pengedar bar. Anda akan terus dibayar sebagai Leader selagi anda memastikan 100Lp pada setiap bulan. Jika anda tidak maintainkan 100Lp sebulan anda akan diturunkan pangkat kepada Associate dan satu-satunya cara untuk anda naik semula kepada Leader adalah hanya dengan mendaftar secara peribadi 4 orang pengedar masing-masing membuat pembelian sebanyak 100Lp seorang.


Jamilah Wahab

I had thyroid problems for few years and the swelling was growing
I started to take 2 TF Adv 3 times daily since May16th, 09.
Since than, the swelling has reduced and I have stopped doctor’s medication.
I feel much better and healthier now.

Difficulties To Raise Arm


I couldn’t raise my arm above shoulder for few months. I was on painkiller and physiotherapy didn’t help me much.
I was introduced to 4Life products and took 2 TF Adv and 30 ml riovida 2 times daily.
Within one week, I saw improvement and now I don’t take painkiller and can raise my arm without problem.

H1N1 ( Swine Flu )

Megala Tamilselvan
11 Years


•On 12/8/09, at 11 am I received a call from my daughter’s school to bring her back because of high fever.
•I took her Kulim Hospital and the temperature was recorded as high as 39 degree. Some routine test done and two days later doctor confirmed she was infected with H1N1 virus.
•Immediately I was advised by Mr. Jega to take 2 caps of TF Plus and 60ml Riovida 3 times daily.
•Within 5 days , the follow up check up showed her result is negative from H1N1.

Batu Karang ( Kidney Stone )

Noor Aziz Othman,52 Tahun, Kulim

Saya diminta cuba minum Tea4life untuk menjaga kesihatan dan saya minum secawan pada waktu petang.

Selepas minum 20minit, seluruh badan saya berpeluh. Pada keesokkan hari, awal pagi seluruh pinggang saya sakitdan terus menelipon kawan saya memperkenalkan Tea4life.

Saya dinasihatkan supaya minum secawan lagi dan minum air yang banyak. Lebih kurang pada pukul 1.30 tengahari keluar sebiji batu melalui air kencing saya dan sakit pinggang saya lega seterusnya.
Saya amalkan minum Tea4life pada waktu malam sampai sekarang

Diabetes and Sinus

Mr. Solomon
53 Years
  • I was suffering from sinusitis too, and I am completely out of that problem.
  • Now, I am taking 2 TF Adv, 2 Glucoach and 1CV twice daily.

Asthma and IQ

Mohd. Hanif Sarhan
6 Years

He is suffering from asthma from the age of one. He was on medication and nebulizer monthly.
After he took 30ml Riovida 2 times daily, no more visiting clinic for medication or nebulizer.
He was below average student before.His IQ also has improved and getting very good results in school now .

Heart Attack

Mr. Mohd. Jeffri
45 Years
Self – Employed
Kota Tinggi

I am a heart patient, 8 months ago I had a heart attack and was admitted in the ward for few days. I had difficulties in breathing , tight chest and Cardiologist confirmed I had 3 blocks. I was advised to go for a ‘Bypass’ as soon as possible. I told the cardiologist to give me some time and took cardio 3 times daily. To my surprise I saw immediate improvement within 2 weeks, where I could breath and felt better. During my follow up I was told that the blocks have disappeared and was advised to take the supplements I was taking.

I have joined few MLM opportunities and was taking supplements for many years. But what I experienced from Transfer Factor is a miracle and fully convince with 4life products.

Transfer factor bukanlah vitamin, mineral, herba, atau buah-buahan. Transfer factor adalah molekul utusan yang menyampaikan maklumat kesejahteraan.
Transfer Factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, herbs, or fruit. They’re messenger molecules that teach immune cells what they ought to be doing.